Hoosiers, Unplug the Drama of Your Phone Carrier and Get to Know NOW Mobile  

Xfinity Mobile celebrates “Break Free From The Big Three Day” with new Samsung devices and more ways to save

Celebrate this year with NOW Mobile and break free from contracts, credit checks and hidden fees

This weekend marks the fourth annual Break Free From The Big Three Day – a day to help mobile users break free from their overpriced wireless plans. While other carriers are raising prices on their unlimited plans, Xfinity Mobile and NOW Mobile are helping people save money for summer fun.

“Our customers love the service and the savings they get when they switch,” said Kohposh Kuda, senior vice president, Xfinity Mobile, Comcast. “With Xfinity Mobile, customers are connecting to the fastest mobile service with 5G cellular, and getting up to gig speeds when they connect to millions of WiFi hotspots across the country. We’re delivering value and a superior mobile experience for Xfinity customers, and we’re only growing from here.”

Xfinity Mobile is available exclusively to Xfinity Internet customers at the best price for two or more lines. Xfinity Mobile is also helping customers switch from The Big Three by offering a free second line of Unlimited for a year when customers purchase a first line of Unlimited service.

Customer frustrated that her cell phone is not functioning and reliability is spotty.

NOW Mobile: A New Way to Save

Earlier this year, Comcast introduced a new way for customers to save with NOW Internet and NOW Mobile. NOW Internet offers reliable Internet starting at $30 a month. Add NOW Mobile and get both starting at $55 a month, with additional lines costing only $25 more a month.

Both products – backed by the powerful Xfinity network and the most reliable 5G – are available nationwide where Comcast offers service. Customers can easily sign up, pause or cancel their subscription online, via the Xfinity app, or by visiting an Xfinity Store. With all-in monthly pricing, no contracts, or credit check required, NOW products deliver flexible connectivity to customers when they need it.

Summer Streaming with Xfinity StreamSaver

Xfinity Mobile customers can also save on their streaming services when they sign up for Xfinity StreamSaver,  a $15 streaming bundle of Peacock, Netflix and Apple TV+. By bringing these premium streaming services together for the first time, Xfinity is making it easy for customers to enjoy exceptional entertainment, including thousands of hours of live sports, from the best streaming apps at an unparalleled value.

A New Era of AI with Samsung

This year, Xfinity Mobile is celebrating Break Free From The Big Three Day with a deal on the newest Samsung devices. New and existing Xfinity Mobile customers can pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6 and get up to $800 while saving hundreds on their wireless bill. Customers can also order the new Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Buds3 to pair with their new device.

Image of Samsung phone on the Xfinity network.

A new era of AI is unfolding with the Samsung Z Fold6. Use Circle to Search with Google to find things fast – now optimized for the double screen so you can keep multiple windows open while you search. Get easy translations for face-to-face conversations using Interpreter with Galaxy AI in FlexWindow, where you can see your language on one side of the screen and they can see theirs on the other. Plus, the large canvas is perfect for viewing in-depth health tracking and insights from a paired Galaxy Watch. 

Unlock your creativity with the tiny but mighty Galaxy Z Flip6 – the Galaxy AI-powered pocket-perfect foldable built for those who want to make a big statement. Easily find your best angle using FlexCam, with Galaxy AI, which automatically zooms for the perfect hands-free shot every time. Simplify life on the go with Galaxy AI on FlexWindow, where you can get quick-reply text suggestions based on the context of your conversation. You can also use FlexWindow to check health tracking data and insights from a paired Galaxy Pi without opening your phone. 

Visit xfinity.com/mobile/ to preorder today.

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Switch today with the Switch Squad

Are you ready to make the switch? Xfinity Mobile makes it easy to break free from the big three with our Switch Squad. Customers looking to experience the ease, speed, and reliability of Xfinity Mobile can go to any Xfinity store and have a member of our Switch Squad do the hard work for you, including calling your current mobile carrier to tell them it’s over. Learn more about how easy it is to switch here.

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